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Abela Films is a full-service video production company, specializing in high-end documentary content and brand storytelling. We help you in producing engaging stories that inspire audiences into action.

We’re here to produce a video for you from start to finish, however we also offer individual crew services for cinematography, editing, and field producing on your next production.

Meet The Owner
Mike Abela
Abela Films was founded by Mike Abela, who is a cinematographer, editor, and director living in Los Angeles, California. Abela has specialized in a cinematic approach to documentary filmmaking and cinematography in demanding environments from the rivers of Vietnam, to the rural villages of Central America, Jamaica, Nepal, and beyond. He’s shot content for such platforms as Disney, ABC, IFC, Discovery, VICE, Grammy Award winning musicians, and a variety of corporations looking to tell unique stories with outstanding visuals. Abela’s love for aesthetics and story drive him to create content which educates, empowers, and inspires audiences worldwide.
Mike Abela
Founder, Cinematographer, Editor, and Director